We’ve been on the Czech market since 2017

We founded Leuze Engineering Czech s.r.o. in 2017 with the goal of supplying cutting-edge engineering services for our clients in Europe and North America. Since 2019, we’ve been a part of the multinational Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG. As one of its subsidiaries, we work in the development, testing and automation of products from the Leuze portfolio but also in other client projects in the field of automotive, regulatory technology and industrial automation.

The majority of our projects stem from the following areas

  • Application software development
  • Embedded software development
  • Software testing
  • Hardware in the Loop testing
  • Construction and administration of test systems
  • Automation and services
  • Project management
  • Quality management
Leuze Engineering Czech sídlo
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Leuze Global

The multinational company Leuze is located in Owen, Germany and has been operating on the global market as a leader in industrial sensing since the 1960s. Around the globe, it employs over 1,500 people in 21 subsidiary companies and six locations.

More about Leuze

Three offices and 70+ leaders in the field

Our main office can be found in Pilsen. Over the course of our evolution, we gradually built two more offices in Ostrava, then in České Budějovice. Our team comprises over 70 people with a passion for cutting-edge engineering services in the field of development, testing and automation. We always reflect our experience and the specific requirements and needs of our clients in each project and implemented solution.

We are continually growing in number as we add students and experienced professionals to our ranks. You can find current employment offers on our Career page. Come build the future of sensors for automation and their safety with us. Be a part of Industry 4.0 and the next member of Sensor People! Join professionals at the absolute top of their field.

Career at Leuze

We focus on the future

In addition to client projects, we also focus on research and educational projects in the academic area at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and the Technical University of Ostrava. Together with universities, we strive to put students in contact with our products and acquaint them with their application in a real environment. Students thus have the opportunity to take part in developing and testing new sensors already during the course of their studies.

Supported projects:
Cooperation on the FEI CPIT TL3 Platform of New Technologies (Technical University of Ostrava)
Sponsoring student research and professional activities – display of professional student work (UWB Pilsen)

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